Meet the Primarchs of Warhammer 40k. In the universe of Warhammer the Emperor of Mankind is a God of the humans. And the primarchs are his superhuman sons, created from his own DNA. Twenty perfect generals genetically-engineered to spearhead the reconquering of the galaxy. Each at the head of his own legion of Space Marines. The primarchs were intended to change the fate of the universe. And so they did, but ultimately not the way the Emperor of Mankind had envisioned it. For the Forces of Chaos intervened at the most crucial time.

The primarchs were intended to change the fate of the universe. And so they did, but ultimately not the way the emperor of mankind had envisioned it. The Forces of Chaos intervened with the emperor’s grand plan.

How were the Primarchs created?

The Primarchs were created on a top-secret Luna base. The Emperor of Mankind used his own DNA to create 20 “sons”. The primarchs were genetically-engineered to be godlike. They would not age, were much bigger in size than regular men. And possessed superhuman charisma, intellect and strength. 

How were the Primarch lost?

The Forces of Chaos interfered when the primarchs were still in their infancy, and spread the infants through the warp, scattering them all on different planets. Subsequently the emperor used the gene-seed of the primarchs, to create 20 legions of space marines. Astartes in every legion shared psychological and physiological traits with the Primarchs they were descended from. Such as the red thirst genetic flaw, considered a curse by some, of the Blood Angels legion. The Astartes set out into the galaxy to retrieve their primarchs. And one by one they reunited with the imperium of man, joining their brothers in the service to the emperor. As such the golden age of the imperium of man began.

List of all Primarchs and respective Astartes Chapters

Legion NumberPrimarchLegion
ILion El’JonsonDark Angels
IIMissing & removed from Imperial records
IIIFulgrimEmperor’s Children
IVPerturaboIron Warriors
VJaghatai KhanWhite Scars
VILeman RussSpace Wolves
VIIRogal DornImperial Fists
VIIIKonrad Curze (Night Lords
IXSanguiniusBlood Angels
XFerrus ManusIron Hands
XIMissing & removed from Imperial records
XIIAngronWorld Eaters
XIIIRoboute GuillimanUltramarines
XIVMortarionDeath Guard
XVMagnus the RedThousand Sons
XVIHorusSons of Horus
XVIILorgarWord Bearers
XIXCoraxRaven Guard
XXAlpharius OmegonAlpha Legion

Who are the Traitor Primarchs? 

The traitor primarchs are Angron, Fulgrim, Mortarion, Konrad Curze, Alpharius Omegon, and Perturabo. All of whom were converted to Chaos by primarch Horus. And joined his rebellion in an attempt to overthrow the Emperor of Mankind, during the events which are now known as Horus Heresy. 

Which Primarchs are Alive? 

During the events of the Horus Heresy and the Age of Strive all loyalist Primarchs are have either been slain, disappeared or incapacitated. 

  • All loyalist Primarchs are since either slain, disappeared or incapacitated
  • Traitors daemon princes in the warp

It was treachery at first. To turn against brothers, to kill for personal advancement and power. But we have seen them, how their minds and bodies have been corrupted. Their very belief systems have been warped. This is no longer Horus’s treachery. It is his heresy.

— Attributed to Roboute Guilliman, Lord of Ultramar and Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion

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